Robertet, Inc.

Primary Contact: Christophe Maubert
Title: Director, Fragrance Division
Phone Number: 201-405-7536
Address: 400 International Drive, Mt. Olive, NJ 07828

Company Description:
La parfum, le goût, le style . . . de vie. The scent, the taste, the style . . . of life. Established in 1850 in Grasse, France – the birthplace of modern perfumery – Robertet remains one of the few family-owned businesses in the industry. Inspired by its heritage, Robertet embodies the philosophy ‘that life is defined by its sensory components’, especially that of taste and smell. Since it began, Robertet has become known for both its expertise and conviction in sourcing, extracting and the creative composition of high quality raw materials. With continued development of new extraction processes, Robertet’s values remain firmly anchored in producing natural materials and the striking original effects they bring to fragrances. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, Robertet’s perfumers, flavorists and scientists work alongside each other to explore our natural world and create a vision of the future. The results? Exquisite, customized, superior-grade flavors and fragrances that continue to make us proud today.