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Cosmetic Executive Women

Ten Eyck Business Solutions

Primary Contact: Linda TenEyck
Title: Partner
Phone Number: (914) 804-6286
Address: 12 Manning Circle, New Rochelle, NY 10803

Company Description:

Ten Eyck Business Solutions is a sales-enablement focused consulting group, specializing in sales development, inventory management, organizational development, demand planning, and sales operations for Beauty brands.

With over 25 years of experience in the Beauty Industry, we understand the complexities of inventory needs and sales targets & can manage the delicate balance between the two. To sustain any business, Key foundations & supporting functions must be incorporated into the plan. Sales & Sales Operations are both integral cornerstones of any business, working together with leadership to grow the brand.

“To make a sale, you must have Inventory to sell.” While common, many businesses don’t focus on inventory management until there is a problem. Without a way to manage inventory, most start-ups will undergo a very painful period of considerable fluctuations in inventory. Without a formal forecasting system, brands struggle to determine the volume of finished products to produce and the components necessary to create those products. Countless hours are spent managing on-hand inventory, receipts, and coordinating shipments from suppliers.

TBS can develop tools to enhance your current Demand Planning process or create a process for you. We use a proprietary Forecasting Tool, which creates a dynamic sales forecast based on a selection of criteria chosen by the brand.